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Choate BBQ

Sauce Optional. Simply Great BBQ.

At Choate BBQ, we believe that great barbeque speaks for itself. That's why we proudly embrace our motto "Sauce Optional." For us, it's not just a catchy phrase—it's a reflection of our unwavering commitment to delivering simply great BBQ. 

Unlike other establishments that drown their meats in heavy sauces, we let the natural flavors of our carefully selected cuts shine through. Our pitmasters are skilled craftsmen who understand that barbeque is an art form. They spend countless hours perfecting their craft, ensuring that every cut of meat is cooked to perfection. From tender and juicy brisket to mouthwatering pulled pork, our barbeque is a testament to the power of fire and smoke. We use only the highest quality ingredients, sourcing locally whenever possible, to create dishes that are bursting with flavor. 

Sauce Optional means that you have the freedom to enjoy our barbeque as it is or to enhance it with your choice of sauce. We offer a variety of homemade sauces, ranging from tangy and sweet to spicy and bold. These sauces serve as the perfect accompaniment for those seeking an extra kick or a touch of sweetness. But rest assured, whether you choose to smother your barbeque in sauce or savor it in its naked glory, you'll still experience barbeque excellence. 

Our dedication to quality and flavor ensures that every bite is a culinary adventure. So come on down to Choate BBQ and join us in celebrating the beauty of simply great barbeque. Leave your worries at the door as the mouthwatering aromas of smoky goodness envelop you. Sit back, relax, and savor the flavors of a true barbeque experience. Sauce Optional, greatness mandatory.

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